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Shenzhen Amei Brothers Plastic Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the production of various thick film plastic products

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      Shenzhen Yamei Sanxiong Blister Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a modernized manufacturing enterprise which integrates R & D, design, manufacture, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of vacuum plastic molding products.

      The company has experienced mold technicians, equipment operators and product designers, with years of experience in the factory management, to provide rapid and accurate model production and mass production.

      The company is equipped with a series of new high-speed automatic vacuum machine, Taiwan's large-scale automatic plastic machine, a thick plate, CNC post-processing, punch, Flap and other advanced production equipment to ensure that the sample production and mass production Accuracy and progress.

      The company imported high-quality sheet ABS, PS, PP, PC, PE, APET, PVC, PET, PET-G, HIPS and other materials, and can be customized according to customer requirements 0.14-12MM gold, silver, flocking, skin Texture \ smooth \ material in line with \ anti-static and other special materials. The main products are thick plastic (0.14-12 mm thick special plastic), bending plastic, medical equipment shell, all kinds of plastic display panels, Sanzhe Blister, car panels, toy car shell, refrigerator liner, Air-conditioning shell, Blister blister, advertising light boxes \ blister blister, and so on. Mainly used in automotive, electronics, toys, stationery, medicine, food, cosmetics, handicrafts, machinery, hardware and other industries.

      The company focus on quality management, and pursuing a "quality-oriented, honest to the letter" business philosophy to win-win for the faith. "Proofing quickly, delivery on time, reasonable price, quality and stability" is the operating principle of enterprises. The company is willing to wholeheartedly for domestic and foreign customers with the best quality service.


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E-mail:szbxxs@163.com    peterwang@sz-amei.com

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